Mama Bee's Farm

       So here is to new adventures, we bought a 13 acre parcel of farm land on the applegate river and are going to try the farm life. I am so excited to be able to raise my boys up to be men and show them what hard work is. In a society ran by " likes" and millenials I really feel it is my duty to raise these little boys up to be gentleman. Who know how to treat a woman, how to  work hard and understand the importance of were things come from.  


 So adventuring we go and the sky's the limit. The property has two homes on it that well " need a big hug" to say the least.  The main home was build in 1903 and originated as a one room hunters cabin. From there it was built on to making it a total of 1,300 square feet. I have lived in smaller so I know its doable but going from 4,000 square feet is going to be an adjustment. The main home has a ton of character and  consist of floor to ceiling ship lap. It has a very small loft that looks over living room that I plan to turn into the boys play room.


The Loft That Overlooks the living area in main home.


The original brick fireplace 


The river

When the property was originated the Apple gate river ran along side the very edge of the property. In the last 40 years the river forked right before the edge of our property causing   an acre of the property to the middle  in to an island between the fork.  So 12 of the acres of the property are on one side of the river and an acre of the property sits in between the river. So I guess you can say we own an island . I am not sure if we are allowed to build a walking bridge but part of the water is low enough you can walk across. 


Thank goodness the tractor was included in the sale of the house

This beast is going to be a life saver and am excited to get a tan and ride around on this bad boy while mowing the lawn. 


Chicken coop included!!

How amazing is it going to be to send the kids out to collect eggs as part of their chores!! 


Our Mission

      At Mama Bee's Farm the sky's the limit we have so many ideas, Goals and visions as to what we want to see out here. Our biggest goal though and are still working towards achieving that is trying to figure out how to share this beautiful gem god blessed us with with the rest of the world.  We were given a gift and to keep that to ourselves is not in our cards. We want the rest of the world to fall in love with it. To be able for others to feel the joy that it has given us.

  With that being said we are racking our brains to come up with a way to make that happen. We know what we want we just have to figure out a way that can fit in to our family. We have tossed around the idea of turning it in to an event space that people can rent for weddings and things so that it can be a memorable place for people to come and share in love and family . This is at the top of our list of possibilities and plan to do this in the near future. Now I am my biggest critic and keep telling myself were not ready, there is still so much work to be done , no one would want to get married out here and I really need to stop getting in my own way.  In doing that I am discrediting all that the property offers and making it seem " Not good Enough" and I need to stop that thinking like that. It is good enough. It is beautiful and amazing and look at how much joy it has given you . So it is my goal to get out of my own way look at the beauty not at what it isn't and share the love!! She is a work in progress and let face it who and what isn't .  There is always room for improvement in our selves and our homes but that doesn't mean we are not great . Geese that went deep and started to sound like therapy. Ha Ha . 

K on a serious note I am sharing this journey for a reason. I am sharing my thoughts , concerns, questions and flaws so that I can be honest in the fact of saying " I don't know what I am doing" But I know what I want and am going to figure it out.  Mama Bee's Farm is soon going to be a place were you can come and enjoy. Come get married, attend a wedding,, camp, go on vacation and enjoy what it has to offer . I am a big believer in  " Vibes" . Mama Bee's Farm has good vibes. I feel it and anyone who has stepped foot out here feels it and has said something. It would be a shame to let that go to waste. So I want to spread that good vibe in to the world and am on that journey.

With all that lengthy deep convo. situation that just spewed out of me  please check back as to how you can come be a part of what is in store. I encourage any and all feedback as well. Ideas, questions, concerns brought to me as I go through this journey of discovery . 

How you can stay connected

I am currently creating many out lets and spaces out there to connect with the world and share our mission and Journey here at Mama Bee's Farm and be sure to follow us on social Media to stay up to date with whats happening and what to come!!